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After returning to the Loading Bay, Batman confronted Mr. Once underground, Batman learned that Joker's men were chasing after the men still loyal to Penguin; either they would switch teams and work for Joker, or they would be killed. Singer Johnny Charisma violently beat one of his groupies nearly to death; Batman captured him, giving the cover story that Charisma was in rehab. An unknown intruder had attacked the real murderer, and that murderer may have been a new criminal known as " The Joker ". Batman took out the guards, and broke into Strange's room. Before leaving, she asks Batman what motivates him to be a vigilante; Batman responded that it was due to a promise. When Nora was in danger, however, Freeze went to save her, and gave Batman an opening. Batman headed to the Smelting Chamber, taking out the men guarding and torturing her.

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If you were paying any attention during the stretcher segment, you'dve noticed that you can't dodge the bullet. Is that the answer you wanted? Batman continued to follow the tracks and found the vehicle that was crashed.

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Joker warranted a search for his dead body to be returned to Harley Quinn, with the prize money of one hundred million dollars, or several bombs that were rigged around Arkham City's wall would go off, and would release its remaining inmates onto the streets of Gotham. The radical was not angry, but instead intrigued by the idea of Batman's crusade; he told him where to find him - the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. With Gordon's help, Batman easily defeated the kid of knocking him in the head with a fire hydrant, and brought him in. Batman then saved Nora by restoring her pod and told Freeze that he couldn't give him peace, but justice.

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He unmasked Anarky, and to his shock, learned that the radical was actually a teenager named Lonnie Machin. Using a density scanner, Batman saved the first cop and proceeded to use rafts in the water to save the other two. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

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Game shows gone wrong.

He also told Oracle to use what he knows about the victims to find out why Deashot was targeting them; so far the only thing he knows if that they worked to build Arkham City. Batman found prisoners in uniforms similar to Jack Ryder's, deciding to question them. Batman found the bank already broken into and full of the dead bodies of Black Mask's men. In the elevator, Batman found and scanned the corpse of one of Joker's men, and discovered that he had been poisoned by a neurotoxin that caused powerful hallucinations before eventual death. He offered the boy what little comfort he could. Harley, on the other hand, escaped and joined forces with Penguin, who was searching for Scarecrow. Oracle radioed him, telling Batman that Strange had gotten the permission of the city council to activate Emergency Protocol 10; he had provided weapons to the Arkham City inmates to force Gotham to allow him to mass murder the criminal element of the city, therefore cleansing it of crime for good.

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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password. Don't have an account. Sign up Batman arkham asylum ending free. After the credits, a super villain comes out of the water and grabs the titan crate.

User Info: bho Top Voted Answer. It doesnt Batman arkham asylum ending matter what difficulty you play the game on. The scene after the credits will always be random. I beat it arham medium and scarecrow came Batman arkham asylum ending. I think it is just random. User Info: NumenorKing. Batmsn Info: SrgSkittles. As much as i'd want, I don't think a sequel would happen. At least not one with Best survival games of 2017, Bane, and KC.

The fact that there are Batman arkham asylum ending villians doing the same thing, doesn't give much of a story for a full game. Who would they choose as the "official" villian tht took the Titan. That's my opinion anyway. Looked like Killer Croc to me. Mine was Bane, but it goes on a cycle so don't worry about doing anything different just have fun and know this means asylim sequel is happening.

User Info: deathconjust. I saw croc and bane probably no sequel but maybe dlc new villains to fight and an extended story line would be nice the game felt just a little bit too short and i really Batman arkham asylum ending to fight clay face User Info: gaskgkasghks.

Lucy liu feet pics Why wouldn't there Naked teen chinese a sequel it's perfect Bane, Batman arkham asylum ending, and Scarecrow both have freedom so why not and in gotham as a full city Batman arkham asylum ending would be sweet.

I beat it on Medium and Scarecrows needle hand came out. Maybe the Batman arkham asylum ending will be that bank robbery with 2 face.

User Info: Kinslayer Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Answered How do I dodge the Jokers Nude fake gallery. Unanswered New Youporn lecken. Answered Glitched Riddler Trophy. Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password.

How do I dodge the Jokers Gun. Cant get back to transfer loop. New perspective. Glitched Asylkm Trophy?


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Bruce and Gordon then went back to his office to discuss it further. After he had retrieved a supply of Explosive Gel from the Batmobile's trunk, the Dark Knight resumed his search. As a test of the Lester Kurtz identity, Batman infiltrated and temporarily joined both gangs and assured that the Lester Kurtz identity was safe, because neither Joker nor Penguin, two of his old enemies who knew him best, had figured out the Lester Kurtz identity. Batman believed the project to be a ticking time bomb and kept a watchful eye on Arkham City for months, and looked for any excuse to break into the well-guarded prison city.

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All thanks to you and a book of matches. Freeze's gun to freeze some of the water and encase three cops in ice. After he defeated the assassin, Batman rescued Joseph, then proceeded to his office, and confronted the Joker. After the container arrived, Batman cured himself, easily defeated Copperhead, and locked her in one of the shipping crates.

BATMAN RETURN TO ARKHAM ENDING / TITAN JOKER (Arkham Asylum) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 13 (PS4 Pro)

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