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December 2, Hachiya, Tsurushi Supporting. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Similar to that of their parents, Boruto shares a complicated relationship with Sasuke's daughter, Sarada. Kishimoto, Masashi Original Creator. He is very proud, despite his frailty, [ ch. In the first arc of the anime, orphaned as a result of the former Foundation members being ostracized while attempting to integrate back into society, Sumire believed she wanted to continue her work in taking revenge on the Hidden Leaf. Canna, Nobutoshi Japanese.

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While Konohamaru congratulated his team, Boruto noticed Ao panicking, leading to him using Water Release to knock Boruto away. As he follows him onto a Thunder Rail carriage, Boruto stops Denki from taking revenge on the bullies from the previous day and divert the carriage from crashing. His chakra control is noticeably advanced, as he was able to perform one-handed seals [17] and effectively use the Rasengan after a mere few days of training before refining and instinctively improving on the technique. The group was originally known as the "Sound Five", but after Kimimaro became bedridden due to his unknown illness, the group resumed calling themselves the Sound Four.

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Once their teacher appeared, Boruto noticed he was being possessed. His hunch led him and Sasuke to discovering Urashiki activating the artefact to create a portal he entered. Upon arriving at her mansion, they were surprised to see Remon preparing for a ceremony. Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc After Boruto talked a would-be terrorist into giving up during a team mission at the Konoha Bank , they discovered it's vault was robbed during the distraction, which Sarada deduced was accomplished using Ice Release.

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After a long rule, the Third abdicates in favor of Minato Namikaze , who takes the position of Fourth Hokage, but reclaims his position after the Fourth gave his life to save the village from Kurama , the nine-tailed fox. Retrieved April 3, His efforts ultimately succeeded and Naruto went into a rampage. Shino Aburame is apart of the Aburame clan.

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Deciding the best course was to capture Naruto, Urashiki subdued Naruto and trap Boruto and Sasuke, along with Jiraiya, who happened along inside a stone prison. We are currently editing over articles. Suzaki, Aya Japanese. Start a Wiki. Stephanie Sheh will be at Phoenix Comicon " Press release. Confronting the Kage , Kakashi quickly defeat Boruto, leading to him lecturing the student about lacking a resolve and that his influence on his class has led them to become unmotivated and ignorant on what it means to be a ninja, before revealing he was Sukea. Later, he proved proficient in wielding a standard katana as his preferred combat method.

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Edit Anime Information What would you like to Puff in nrw. Boruto characters to My List. Add to Chatacters. English: Boruto characters Naruto Next Generations. Type: Charactrs. Premiered: Spring Licensors: Viz Media. Studios: Studio Pierrot. Score: 6. Please note that 'Not yet aired' charactefs are excluded. Ranked: Borutoo 2 based on the top anime page. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Add character.

Add staff. Add Xharacters Info. Mitsuki Main. Kijima, Ryuuichi Japanese. Sarutobi, Konohamaru Main. Takahashi, Hidenori Japanese. Uchiha, Sarada Main. Kikuchi, Kokoro Japanese. Uzumaki, Boruto Main. Sanpei, Yuuko Japanese. Aburame, Shino Supporting. Charcaters, Shinji Japanese. Akatsuchi Supporting. Akimichi, Chouchou Supporting. Shiraishi, Ryouko Boruto characters. Akimichi, Chouji Supporting. Itou, Kentarou Japanese. Akkun Supporting.

Ono, Kensho Japanese. Aoda Supporting. Boruto characters Supporting. Iki, Junji Japanese. Ashimaru Supporting. Watanuki, Ryuunosuke Japanese. Ashina Supporting. Anzai, Chika Japanese. Ayame Supporting. Hosono, Masayo Japanese. Choujuurou Supporting. Miyata, Kouki Japanese. Darui Supporting. Takeuchi, Ryouta Japanese. Miyamoto, Jun Japanese. Doutonbori, Kuay Supporting. Masuoka, Tarou Japanese. Doutonbori, Daore Supporting. Takeda, Hana Japanese. Fuefuki, Kyohou Supporting. Mamiya, Yasuhiro Japanese.

Fuuma, Koutarou Supporting. Katsu, Anri Japanese. Gaara Supporting. Ishida, Akira Japanese. Gekkou Supporting. Inada, Tetsu Boruto characters. Goetsu, Doushu Supporting. Oota, Kazuki Japanese. Gyuuki Supporting. Aizawa, Masaki Japanese. Hachiya, Tsurushi Supporting.

Takahashi, Shinya Japanese. Haguruma Supporting. Okano, Kousuke Japanese. Haruno, Sakura Supporting. Nakamura, Chie Japanese. Hatake, Kakashi Boruto characters. Inoue, Kazuhiko Japanese. Hebiichigo Supporting. Touyama, Nao Japanese. Hidari Supporting. Takeuchi, Eiji Japanese. Hoozuki, Suigetsu Supporting. Kondou, Takashi Japanese. Hoshigaki, Shizuma Supporting. Kimura, Ryouhei Japanese. Hyuuga, Hiashi Supporting. Tsuda, Eizou Japanese. Hyuuga, Hanabi Supporting. Asai, Kiyomi Japanese. Hyuuga, Hinata Supporting.

Mizuki, Nana Japanese. Ichikishimahime Supporting. Takaragi, Kumi Japanese. Teen footjob videos Inuzuka, Kiba Supporting. Toriumi, Kousuke Japanese. Iori Supporting. Nishimura, Taisuke Japanese. Ise, Udon Boruto characters.

Nose, Ikuji Japanese. Itoi, Tsuru Supporting. Higashiuchi, Mariko Japanese. Izuno, Wasabi Supporting. Yamada, Natsumi Japanese.

JJ Supporting. Okai, Katsunori Japanese. Juugo Supporting.


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When researchers from the Land of Rivers asked for information, Boruto lied and said they knew nothing. September 4, Boruto complained about having to dismantle the bird enclosures.

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Retrieved March 27, In the anime, some time later, Konohamaru lead Team 7 and the genin of Team 15 on a mission to investigate attacks on a village from its wildlife. This forced Jiraiya to use his Chakra-Suppressing Seal to subdue the fox's chakra and knock Naruto out. Deciding to get some air, Boruto wondered in to the village, where he bumped into Sarada.

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