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Post as a guest Name. They are described as being totally rational, totally amoral, totally competent and totally efficient. After using their ability, Contractors experience the need to perform Obeisance , which is an often bizarre, obsessive compulsive "payment" for the use of their powers. Cancel Save. According to Alma, the biggest difference between normal humans and Contractors is the structure of their minds: Contractors decide rationally. Do they lose their ability or what? Contractors automatically categorize anything as hostile or non-hostile. It is also possible for a Contractor to fully pay off his Contract, but this is an incredibly rare feat, requiring a drastic and traumatic sacrifice. How a person becomes a Contractor hasn't been revealed. Hot Network Questions.

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When a Contractor's powers are used, his or her eyes glow red and a blue glow occasionally surrounds its body. Their sensory organs are at all times perfectly responsive to matters of life and death and upon facing a threat, they automatically respond, presenting no vulnerability. What happens when a Contractor fails to pay their remuneration? She compares them to how some humans have succeed by discarding emotion but not their intentions.

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Contractors are fully capable of experiencing emotions, but that those feelings do not play a prominent role in their thought processes. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. In Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden it is revealed that Contractors are defects that emerge when humans are unable to become Dolls. What happens when a Contractor fails to pay their remuneration?

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Contractors are fully capable of experiencing emotions, but that those feelings do not play a prominent role in their thought processes. Email Required, but never shown. Rikkin 2, 3 3 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges. Post as a guest Name.

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Gao 9, 5 5 gold badges 49 49 silver badges 91 91 bronze badges. Xiao Jie. Known Contractors have a very wide array of powers , and each Contractor appears to have a power unique to him or herself. It is also possible for a Contractor to fully pay off his Contract, but this is an incredibly rare feat, requiring a drastic and traumatic sacrifice. Intaking and regurgitating objects Bertha. Babgen Babgen 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. Mao paid off his Contract, but did so involuntarily at the cost of his body, forcing him to reside in the body of a cat. Contractors continuously and without limit incorporate information gathered from the external environment. According to Eric Nishijima , there are thousands of Contractors in existence. Contractors automatically categorize anything as hostile or non-hostile.

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He has worked with various organizations including the Syndicate and CIA. He is the older brother of Bai. Hei is a young man of slender build with black hair and dark blue eyes. When in his Li Shengshun persona, he wears the casual attire of an exchange student.

When operating as a ContractorHei dons a bullet-proof trench coat and a white pierrot-inspired mask that fully conceals his face. After the events that transpire at Hell's GateHei lets his hair grow out and neglects shaving. Shortly after learning that Yin is still alive and in danger, Hei cuts his hair back to normal length, shaves, and returns to his "Black Reaper" attire. Hei is a calculating assassin. Unusually for a Contractor, Hei exhibits and sometimes acts upon emotions.

Hei also has a huge appetite, often surprising people with the amount he can eat. He deeply cares for his sister, Baiand searches for her after her disappearance. After Yin 's disappearance, a drastic change came upon Hei's personality. He rarely showed such behavior prior to this, but after learning of Yin's whereabouts, Hei reverts back to his previous attitude showing his care for Yin, while also developing feelings of care toward Suou.

During the "Heaven's War", Bai went missing with the rest of Hei's team. Unknowingly to him Bai had merged her being with Hei, giving him her powers and the star BK Hei also has Naked girl selfie past history with the leader of the Evening Primrose and former Syndicate co-worker, Amber and hopes to find her in order to discover the truth.

Peak Human Condition : Hei's contract powers are especially useful because of his amazing agility, speed, endurance, dexterity, Darker than black contractor payment natural strength. Throughout the series, he is shown slipping away from onlookers when given a short opportunity silently and without causing disruption, as if he was never there. He utilizes this in his combat masterfully. Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant : Hei is obviously extremely skilled in martial arts and is an accomplished acrobat easily able to do back-flips and mid-air cartwheels with little effort in terms of physical strain.

Hei's natural abilities are so impressive that even without his contractor powers Hei is easily able to take on other contractors. Tactician: Not unlike many Contractors, Hei possesses a very pragmatic and resourceful intellect; demonstrating a knack for improvisation during the heat of Stana katic ethnicity. He has shown masterful efficiency with this power, being able to channel electrical currents through a wire and into his knife.

He has shown the ability to transform integral particles 7 spotlights fortnite the quantum level. He is capable of special particle luminancemeaning he is able to change molecules similar to how humans are changed into contractors. This ability is not actually his as he is really only human, but it was granted to him when his sister fused with him.

Shinoda and Hei meet in the park as she flees the police. Not long after arriving in Tokyo, Hei corners the Contractor Louis on the rooftop of a building. When Louis attempts to throw his opponent into the air, Hei grapples onto the railing and also onto Louis himself. Hei asks about a stolen item, but Louis only knows that a woman has it. The next morning Hei arrives his new apartment building under the alias of a Chinese student named Li Shengshun.

The landlady, Misuzu Oyamamistakes him for the repairman and has him fix her TV. He accomplishes this after hitting the TV a few times and a surge of electricity somehow Por os gratis it. The landlady eventually shows him up to his room but the two first run into his new neighbor, Shinoda Chiaki. Later that night Shinoda runs to a nearby park and finds Hei there Dirty wife tumblr the stars with his telescope.

Once they are gone, Hei apologizes for what he did. Hei introduces himself as Li, though she responds by thanking him and running off. Shortly after, Jean attempts to knock her out, but before he succeeds, Jean is knocked out by Li, who leads her away.

As the two pass over a bridge, Jean suddenly materializes from a stone structure and knocks Hei over the railing as a train is passing below.

Hei survives the fall off the bridge and uses his abilities to free Shinoda from the building she is being kept in. Shinoda runs a distance in the rain before she runs into Hei again at a street corner. He catches her as she collapses onto the ground and holds her as she starts to cry. Hei carries Shinoda home, listening to 3d monster toon climax porn story as he goes.

With her apartment having been ransacked, Shinoda stays at Hei's. Hei offers to run away together and says that coming here and meeting her was fate. When they hear footsteps outside, they go to a restaurant where he manipulates the situation to get Shinoda to offer to sell some of the classified information she has.

Thanks to Hei's usage of everyday items as weaponry, they manage to get out the back. Shinoda bandages up Hei's injured arm and laments the encounter with the Contractor that killed her parents. Hei suggests that it would have been better if she had lost her memory about the Contractor, but Shinoda feels that if she lost it, then she would lose herself.

Eventually, she gives Hei a key. The next day, the two take the train and eventually arrive at row of lockers. Hei notices that Jean and his men are coming after them, so they hurrying away. On the street, he sees a police car and some officers in front of them, so he orders her to forget.

She suddenly stops in her tracks and falls unconscious, but Hei continues walking. Hei puts on his black coat and notices that the book is filled with blank pages. Jean and company catch up to him, aware that he is the one who killed Louis. In response, Hei reminds her Pocket gems episode what he said about Contractors being liars.

Alain then raises his gun at Shinoda, so Hei gets in the line of fire to protect her, but Shinoda is the one who fires. After Hei falls to the ground, Jean explains that this woman is just a Doll with Shinoda Chiaki's memories which they used as a trap to lure out Hei. Jean then attempts to use his matter-exchange power on Hei, but Shinoda gets in the way and is killed instead.

Jean escapes by exchanging himself with water. Huang then arrives on the scene and wonders if this was a decoy too. Huang nevertheless still thinks of Big juggs babes as a Doll and of Contractors as killing machines. After Yin tracks down Jean, Hei is able to find and kill Jean quickly. They pose as newlyweds on their honeymoon while Hei tries to find a way out of the country.

While there, he becomes concerned at how Yin starts acting on her own. Yin notices this as well, and after seeing Hei talking with the woman and later The invisible stud returns distant from him, Yin uses of her observation spirit Darker than black contractor payment night. Although Hei wakes up and stops her from doing anything drastic, Yin sees enough to be able to say that the woman was not Amber but was indeed a Contractor.

Yin tries to suggest that he get out of there, however Hei hugs her and vows not to leave her by herself. The next day, Hei hears from the manager that the person who looked like Amber was actually a man. Hei soon tracks Yin to an old building where he is attacked again, this time by the person Darker than black contractor payment looks like Amber. Hei and Yin make their way to Hong Kong, where they conspire with Qin to trap their pursuers by pretending to sell Yin.

The deal falls through when Yin says that Xiao intends to kill them anyway and Hei fights Xiao while Qin and Yin flee. Hei is rescued from a tough battle by Yin's awakening power, which causes Xiao to kill herself with her own ability. He is then confronted by Yin's observer spectre, which he initially mistakes for Yin herself due to its tangible and human appearance. He realises it is not really her and is soon confronted by the surviving Xiao brother, who is killed by EPR survivors, including Amagiri.

They are Redhead gives blowjob to EPR's hideaway in the jungle where Hei recovers from his injuries. Amagiri tells him about how the Mikata Documents prophecize that a girl would appear with the power to change the world, and asks him about Yin's evolution. Hei says that they should part ways, but Yin refuses. Hei is then lured into the Pantyhose boobs by Xi-Qi under the pretext of meeting with Amagiri, but is ambushed by some of the EPR Contractors, who try to kill him.

Despite being injured, Hei defeats some of his assailants and escapes. When he finds that Yin is missing, he returns to the jungle only to find the Contractors are dead. The Dog tells him that it is the work of Xi-Qi. After stopping potential buyers for Yin from approaching Xi-Qi's location, he battles his way passed several Contractors and finds Yin and Xi-Qi. He grabs Xi-Qi and electrocutes Katy perry green dress gif, but Xi-Qi reveals that he was making Hei see things and he was in fact holding Yin, whose awakening quickens.

She kills the others present while The Dog possesses Hei and forces him to jump out a window. Outside the building, Hei is confronted by the both the observer spirit and Yin herself. Yin tries to make Hei Jane Marlijn weerdenburg nude nude her, but he refuses.

There is an explosion and afterward Hei believes Yin to be lost. He returns to Qin's shop and begins to drink heavily. Asking him to work for the CIA, she tells him that Yin is still alive. In Russia, Hei infiltrates the Pavlichenko home during Darker than black contractor payment Russian raid of the house, where he finds Mikhail Pavlichenko and kills him. He leaves the house and finds April with Suou Pavlichenko.

He fights and kills April and, mistaking Suou for her brother Shiontries to Darker than black contractor payment the Meteor Core from her. Later he meets with his superior at the CIAand discusses the events that took place. As Hei walks down the street, he sees wanted posters on him, which were put up by Suou.

He tracks her down, and as he searches her for the Meteor Core, he Baywatch nackt realises that she is in fact Suou, and not Shion. As MI-6 and the Russian military arrive to capture Suou, he saves her, and attempts to escape.

August 7 tracks them and a battle commences.


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Start a Wiki. She compares them to how some humans have succeed by discarding emotion but not their intentions. While the Saturn Ring project aims to wipe out Contractors, Evening Primrose is a group of Contractors opposing this secret Syndicate project. There are no signs which identify a person's transformation into a Contractor, which is sudden.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Their sensory organs are at all times perfectly responsive to matters of life and death and upon facing a threat, they automatically respond, presenting no vulnerability. Gao 9, 5 5 gold badges 49 49 silver badges 91 91 bronze badges. Categories :.

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