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When he needs to protect himself physically, Izaya uses a flickblade and is skilled in parkour and freerunning. Some time later, as he heads home, Izaya reflects on Celty's comment about his showing concern for his family but quickly disregards it. Dengeki Bunko Paperback ] in Japanese. Alternate Versions. Akiyo Satorigi. Connections Followed by Durarara!! Death Parade Shinra says it's because

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July 19, [13]. Retrieved 16 March Izaya goes on to taunt the salaryman a bit, calling the murderous path he chose 'very human' before hanging up and throwing away the phone.

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At the base of the building, Shizuo had taken control of one of the steal beams, shaking it violently until Izaya loses his balance and falls. Freeman, Crispin English. Edit page.

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Kadota : Stop talking in that way, it makes people twitch when you do. I think he said it, anyway. And you know what?

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Mikado Ryugamine 23 episodes, Share this Rating Title: Durarara!! Part one was released on January 25, , part two was released on March 29, , and part three was released on May 31, Premiered: Winter In the middle of the confrontation, Izaya signals for the crane to open with hopes of dropping the steel beams on top of Shizuo. SH , Durarara!! He later has Celty cart their unconscious bodies home. A brief fight ensues before being interrupted by Slon who is acting as Izaya's bodyguard. Ishikawa, Shingo Key Animation.

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This is the main character page for the many characters of Durarara!. The examples below may include spoilers for the light novels, as well as the anime. If you're only following the latterproceed at your own risk. The main character and resident Dullahan of Ikebukuro. She used to roam the roads of Ireland, spilling blood on humans and riding down the hills with her headless horse.

You know, typical stuff. She managed to follow the perpetrator to Ikebukuro where she's still searching for her head to this day. She lives with Shinra and makes a living by being a "transporter".

She communicates with people by her cellphone and is seen riding a black Durarara characters, wearing a 2 states movie online putlocker with kitty ears.

She also has the cutest pink pajamas, loves chatting on the internet, and is afraid of space aliens. A nice newcomer to Beard gay sex, where he attends Raira Academy Pakunoda hentai his best friend Masaomi and his crush Anri. Mikado decided to come to Ikebukuro on his own to seek something new from his boring life in the country.

Mikado's best friend and the Durarara characters who suggested for Mikado to come to Ikebukuro. Masaomi is an extremely hyper fellow who loves sprinkling English in his sentences and Durarara characters on older girls. He claims there is a love triangle between Mikado, Anri, and himself, and he's not above flirting with Anri, much to Mikado's chagrin.

A shy girl who goes to Raira Academy with Mikado Ivanita lomeli Masaomi and eventually befriends them. She is looking for her friend Mika Harimawho disappeared shortly before the first day of school. In spite of her gradual friendship with Mikado and Masaomi, Anri is very reluctant to let anyone get close to her. Ikebukuro's mysterious Knowledge Broker and greatest Troll.

Claims to love all humanity except Shizuo — love which he expresses by manipulating people at every opportunity. He loves playing mind games and seems to be one step ahead of everybody else at times. Officially a Wild Card to all sides of the various factions in universe. Shinra is He has a huge love for supernatural events and loves to run his mouth, especially when Celty is involved.

He went to high school with Durarara characters and Shizuo and knows the two very well. Shizuo has a hair trigger temper Durarara characters a tendency to react to anything that sets him off with uncontrollable violence, which is only made worse by the fact that he also has Super Strength.

Expect to see flying vending machines. Word of God states that Shizuo is the strongest character in the entire Durarara!. When he's not raging uncontrollably he's Except for Izaya. He will hurt Izaya if he can. Leader of a pretty small-time gang consisting of himself, Erika, Walker, and Saburo. Also works as a tile layer. A pair of hardcore otakus who hang around with Kyohei and Saburo.

A cursed katana with a consciousness that is driven by its desire to love as many humans as possible. Unfortunately, the only way it can show its love for them is through cutting them. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Celty Sturluson. Celty : He's so strong No, he's terrifying No, he's awesome. Shinra Eh, Tom-san, What's with that face. Yeah, that's her name. She's the Black Rider You didn't know Celty was a woman either until recently.

But Shizuo, I can't believe it. Mikado Ryugamine. I felt my body tremble as I sensed Kodi xxx addons a new world was opening up to me. Aoba : Orihara Izaya, have you realized this. You and I, we've probably both underestimated Mikado-sempai.

Even with what you and I already know about him Namie : You're a much quieter kid than I imagined. Masaomi Kida. Anri Sonohara. And I thought that was the only way for me to live. Anri : Nothing ever happens. Nothing ever changes. This was her daily life. Shinra : Anri-chan ran out of the apartment after she saw some message on her cell phone I'm running after her right now I think Katrina kaif sexy wallpaper heading for the abandoned factory.

I don't think I can stop her So fast. Anri-chan is so ridiculously fast. Izaya Durarara characters. But I'm also not kind enough to stop someone who wants to die. Izaya : Little asian porn parents are completely ordinary people. Except for when it comes to the taste in children's names, that is.

Izaya : Kudos to you as the deliverer, again. I can get by Bellazon nude you're here, and vice versa. Celty : I don't want to agree with the vice versa. Izaya : Come on, don't say that. I'll be counting on you again from now on. I want to get along with you. Celty : Is Drea p90x my imagination that I feel a certain eeriness from you.

Izaya : Whoa. It's definitely your imagination. Celty : And my daily life came back, too. And you know what. It feels good. Three way struggles are fun, 'specially when all three leaders are so closely connected. And God attacks!. The pawns burn like garbage!. Namie looks on, with a completely blank expression on her face. Girl : You are the worst kind of human being in this world.

Izaya : And isn't that just splendid. Namie : Would you please refrain from using me to comfort your ego just because everybody in the chatroom but you has Durarara characters to eat hotpot with. Izaya : I love humans. They're so appealing and interesting, I just can't help myself Don't get me wrong though — I don't actually like you.

Namie : You said you graduated six Durarara characters seven years ago Izaya : I've been telling people I was 21 for ages - or were you under the impression that I would just feed them my real personal information for free.

Shinra Kishitani. Shiki : I called your friend. The one who isn't Shizuo. Shinra : You make it sound as if I have no friends besides those 3d beastiality porn comic.


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Shibata, Chikako Background Art. Later, Shizuo accuses him of being behind the recent slasher attacks. Izaya simply shrugs as the three of them walk back to his apartment. Riegel, Sam English.

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Earthworm is interrupted by the arrival of Izaya's other target, the leader of the group that was selling "Heaven's Slave. Endou, Daisuke Japanese. Despite being severely injured, Izaya still overpowers her and successfully evades her attack, causing her to slash open the pillow under his head. Yoshinaga, Aya Script.

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