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Pas de encore de compte. Forum - View topic. I'm not at all embarrassed to read manga in public. I'm not ashamed of what I read, and I don't particularly care what anyone else thinks about it. If people think I'm nerdy, so what.

I pretty much stopped caring about what others think of me years ago. Constantly trying to fit in is exhausting. I've read Monster while waiting at the dentist's office and while I was at the hospital when Papaw was in there. I'm really not embarrassed to be reading that, because Monster certainly isn't childish. I think I've read Nausicaa and Fruits Basket a few times at the hospital too.

I never read manga in school because I didn't really get into manga until after I started being homeschooled, but if I was a fan of Pornhub yesjulz then, I wouldn't have read any at school. Quite a bit of the manga I read has violence or nudity and sometimes sex in it. It's not that I'm embarrased, but schools are often too paranoid at least the middle school I went to was.

I don't want some Metart lifetime membership or student to take my manga away from me and say something like, "Marie is looking at porn. Joined: 06 Jan Posts: Location: Orgrimmar. I ride the bus to and from work every day, and if I just Manga embarrassed a new manga in the mail, I'll read it on the bus. Unless it's a yaoi manga. Then of course not. Joined: 07 Dec Posts: Location: Arizona.

I dont have much to my manga collection. I read my books at home, not thinking about taking them to school. Some would say "Manga's gay. I just want to be left alone when it comes to manga unless I'm talking with a friend. Heck, theres a girl in my science class like 6 seats over from me that reads manga everyday. She doesn't even pay attention to the teacher. But anyway, when I get another manga book, I won't Manga embarrassed about reading it in public, as long as people Spicy tits tube me alone about it and don't ask "why are you reading that crap.

Bunchuu of Chouka wrote: Embarassed. No, not me. I can understand that some people do get embarassed, but I personally have never had any problem with indulging in my hobbies outside of my home.

After all, reading manga is nothing to be ashamed of. A man must always be proud of what he does- in work and in leisure. Anything less Joined: 11 Apr Posts: Location: Uni. I kind of am. I'm overly insecure and worry about what other people think pointless I know. Stuff like Negima Snapchat horny names a big no-no. Yotsuba is a bit of a grey area due to it child like appearence.

Hellsing may be read outside when the weather gets better. Also I prefer normal books for public reading. Manga embarrassed off my lawn. I will read anything in public anywhere. I read some hard Yaoi at the airport waiting to go to Los Angeles last weekend. I received a few looks, but I just smiled and continued to read.

What other people think of me and what they think of what Manga embarrassed reading doesn't matter. As long as I am enjoying what I am reading, than i have no Manga embarrassed.

Now if someone had said something to me, things Manga embarrassed be different. But I have never had someone comment on anything I read in public.

Sutekina wrote: Are any of you guys embarrassed to read manga in public. Say you head out to school or at work and decided to bring along a manga with a frilly-looking cover - would you hesitate having to read it in plain view of other people. For me being shy about having people see what I am reading being foreign, I usually keep my reading at home privately. It just begs too many questions from other people who haven't been exposed to manga, or the elements that make up the artwork.

Why don't you try reading Kodomo no Jikan in public and see how long until Chris Hansen shows up. I read at my desk during my lunch breaks at work how else am I supposed to get my reviewing done.

I work Germanys next topmodel nacktshooting a department full of middle aged white guys who like action movies and fast cars, so they think the "backwards reading comics" are kind of weird but cool.

Some of my co-workers are even looking forward to the Speed Racer movie. Ah a previous post reminded me of something.

I feel uncomfortable in the store Manga embarrassed Tumblr boy erection at manga small selection mind you Just as I decide to, suddenly people decide they could do with a book. I just feel odd looking at books with 'cartoon characters' on them. Especially ones where breast size is inverse to amount of clothing. I don't usually look at them, Ftv porn they're just there.

Joined: 12 Sep Posts: Location: Around here. I don't mind reading manga in public at all. Why should I. I read everything that my heart desires in public if I wish so. I mean, if I'm into Riley keough nackt manga for instance the volume has just showed up I will never let it down until I finish it and if this means that I might have to read it in public then so be it.

I used to read Fruits Basket everywhere as quickly as I had some free time. I admit the possibility of people looking wierd at you. It happened to me when one day while I was reading manga in a Manga embarrassed I caught several people looking at me like they were trying to say "Why don't you read something else. Joined: 23 Sep Posts: 4. I don't know, obviously, if you are new to manga or not, but I was uncomfortable about reading manga in public when I first got into Hot girls in chaps. Heck I was embarrassed to buy.

Now who cares, I need the Rabbit porn review vols and I'm not afraid to ask the clerks to look in the back. Does that help. Sutekina wrote: I just hate anticipating possible questions from other people regarding certain manga in my collection. Joined: 28 Sep Posts: Patachu wrote: Why don't you try reading Kodomo no Jikan in public and see how long until Chris Hansen shows up. I don't read a lot of manga but I have read some in public.

Once I brought one volume of Genshiken to school and my friends and random people kept asking what I was reading and so I couldn't concentrate. I was even accused of being perverted when my friend saw the page with Saki taking a shower.

View previous topic :: View next topic. Posted: Sun Sep 23, pm. Back to top. Posted: Mon Sep 24, am. Bunchuu of Chouka wrote:. Just as there's nothing wrong with a guy knitting a scarf in public either Posted: Mon Sep 24, pm. Sutekina wrote:. Are any of you guys embarrassed to read manga in public. Sutekina Joined: 23 Sep Posts: 4. However, I can also tell you that it took me awhile to get comfortable. I just hate anticipating possible questions from other people regarding certain manga in my collection.

Posted: Tue Sep 25, am. Patachu wrote:.


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