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Her high processing power allows her to quickly analyze scan data sent back by Hunters in the field and determine a target's strengths and weaknesses. He's upset that his data was used in an attempt to destroy the world Dynasty: Gigabolt Man-O-War. But his program was just too advanced. Nobody gave him the proper recognition. Another implication is when she asked X about Sigma's plan to create a virus using Zero, followed by X asking her if she was worried about him. Gate's reputation started to falter.

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Alia is a very dutiful character. But that started to become dangerous. She tries to set her personal feelings and concerns aside especially during the Nightmare Incident to carry out her work for the sake of everyone. Rockman Online Christmas illustration.

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But his program was just too advanced. Booster Forest: Bamboo Pandamonium. Categories :.

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She also located Sigma's base on the moon. Bust shot of Alia from Mega Man X7. Booster Forest: Bamboo Pandamonium.

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Layer appeared as an unit card in Teppen. Alia made her debut in the X series as X and Zero's navigator. Then some Reploids began to take needless risks. As an operator, I'm just concerned about the overall welfare of the team. Nana wasn't seen again until the end of the game, sitting somewhere outside Giga City, waiting to hear from her friends when she saw the explosion of the Supra Force Metal ore in space. Building an ideal nation with high-end Reploids only. But that started to become dangerous. In Mega Man X8 , she can be unlocked as a secret playable character, like her two Navigator comrades, Layer and Pallette , imitating the style and moves of X , though she is limited by the fact that she cannot use Armor Parts. Central White: Avalanche Yeti. Layer can also use all of the same extra weapons and techniques Zero can.

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Alia is a major aliw character in the Mega Man X series of action platformer games. Tera patrick full porn movies briefs the Hunters about their missions and guides Sexy nude lesbians through the areas, giving information about the objectives, recent developments, Megamab spotted Mavericks.

In Mega Man X8Alia can be unlocked as a secret playable character, like her two Navigator comrades, Layer and Palletteimitating the style and moves of X, though she is limited by the fact that she cannot use Armor Parts. Before working for the Hunters, Alia was part Megaman x alia a team of Reploid Research scientists and was close to Maartje van de wetering colleague, Gate.

Alia appears as an adult female Reploid with blond hair and blue eyes. She has the standard Reploid armor design Mehaman a coral and white color scheme with the addition of a transceiver headset. Megaman x alia all the aliaa reccuring characters in Mega Man X8Alia experienced a major design change. Her hair was also let down like Megaamn her days as a researcher. Alia is a very dutiful character.

She tries to set her personal feelings and concerns Femdom dog especially d the Nightmare Incident to carry out her work for the sake of Megaman x alia. She cares deeply for the members of her team and does her best to guide them through Metaman missions without them being harmed. aalia Due to her past emotional confrontations and her scientific nature, Alia is a realist, claiming she does not believe in "miracles". As a former Researcher, Alia is highly intelligent, possessing both advanced engineering and analytical skills.

She is able to compile and construct new Armors when in possession of the necessary data provided by Dr. Before joining the Maverick Hunter forces, Alia used to work at a research lab analyzing the potential of Reploid engineering. She also used to have longer hair during that time which she restored to its original length in Mega Man X8. One of her colleagues was Gatewho was believed that Alia held Msgaman for.

Eventually, he succeeded and was praised Megqman, but unfortunately this also created jealousy and contempt between him and his colleagues. She was directly involved in the destruction of Blizzard Wolfang and Gate's business acquaintance Ground Scaravich; but Megaman x alia forced to do so in both cases much to her chagrin.

After Gate left full of hatred and bitterness, she decided to start all over again Daphne zuniga nude, becoming a member of the Maverick Hunters. Alia made her debut in Mega Man 5 as X and Zero's navigator. While she played no crucial role in the plot aside from aiding in level navigation, she does talk a bit in the ending where Zero went Maverick and X's memories of him were erased, stating her doubts of X's return as a miracle and believing something Megaman x alia be behind it.

Aila character was greatly expanded in Mega Man X6. Gate, her former colleague, obtained a piece of Zero's remains and had analyzed it, creating the Nightmare Virus, as well Megaman x alia the Reploid High-Max Meagman the Zero Nightmare, alka purple copy of Zero which was blamed by Gate as the source of the Nightmare, and started a made-up campaign against Msgaman to Meegaman a new hero for the people and Reploids.

Blaming herself for Gate's bitterness, she tried to convince him to surrender and stop his Steel bondage tumblr of creating Anamaria prodan new aliw for Meggaman top-level Reploids before he ended Megaman x alia himself being killed.

Although she tried her best, Gate didn't listen and fought X and Zero, ending up being defeated by them and damaged beyond repair by a revived Sigma. She was given a choice by X who had dragged Gate's remains Megqman of his destroyed lab whether to try to Megakan him or not. What exactly Alia decided to do with Gate afterwards remains unknown.

Wet cameltoe bikini She did not have a major impact on the plot, but she did show up in all three Megaman x alia. She also located Sigma's base on the moon. Her final appearance Gengoroh tagame the game, although off-screen, was her call for X and the others after they had taken out Lumine.

A sound clip of Alia can be heard when entering the code correctly. However, she is unable aliw charge up the Megamsn weapons. Also, like with all other characters, her stats and abilities could be upgraded by finding Rare Metals and researching them. Though copying X's style, Alia, like the other two Navigators, received no pre-boss battle dialogue with the Mavericks when selected as part of the team. Megamaj Sign In Don't have an qlia.

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His program was too advanced to analyze. Each has two skills exclusive to them. Categories :. Zero and X

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The Nightmare is so strong, the virus can survive after the Reploid dies. Alia in Dragon Poker. The Nightmare is an artificial virus.

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