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Roger is a boy who ended up selling his body due to a serious family issue, while Renold is confused about himself. Roger is a prostitute well-known for dumping his clients when they start to feel something for him. Afraid of losing face as an honor student, Nemugasa plays along with Maya for a bit, but when push comes to shove, and the tables turn Genres: Shounen ai , Doujinshi. Genres: Yaoi , Mature , Drama , School life. Edit Person Information. Let's go on with a somewhat non-conventional story.

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Smut, kinks, tears, comedy, and a beautiful art style are her strong points. Hidoku Shinaide is amazingly good, with a lot of smut, gags and characters who like to tease each other! With Otona Keikenchi, Yonezou Nekota gave us yet another story revolving around teenage boys. It revolves around Maya, the high school bully, and Nemugasa, the bespectacled honor student.

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Their relationship will develop gradually, and in the end life will put both of them in front of a choice. Genres: Shounen ai , Doujinshi. Mousou Elektel is a very funny manga, with comedy parts even when drama strikes. Genres: Yaoi , Comedy , Romance.

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Nothing to mention about the art style, as Yonezou Nekota did another little masterpiece. Amami is just starting to work for a little start-up firm, when he discovers to have big trouble dealing with his superior Hachidori. Let's go on with a somewhat non-conventional story.

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Alternative: Love the Selfish One Too. Without forgetting to spice things up with a lot of smut and hot scenes! Michiru Heya. She loves drawing detailed scenes and characters, and her style is literally unique. Childhood friends, always together, Shunpei and Fumi hide no secret to the other Genres: Yaoi , Comedy , Romance. The very cornerstone of her stories is a lot of smut — since usually the seme is a teaser and the uke a crybaby — with some well-placed kinks that sometimes make the readers crack-up for example, white briefs.

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Edit Person Information. Remove from Favorites to Favorites. Details News Pictures. Nekota, Yonezou.

Add Nekota yonezou Actor Role. Add Position Anime Nekota yonezou Positions. Add Work Published Manga. Is there Nekota yonezou here that shouldn't be. Request to yonezo it removed. Comments Only the latest 10 comments Nekota yonezou displayed. Mayuka May 5, PM. Cloe Mar 29, PM. Thebigofan Oct 13, PM. Her art would look so good in anime form. Anime for her please. KouhaRen Sep 16, PM.

Yaoi-Senpai Aug 21, AM. Hidoku Shinaide Don't Be Cruel volume 1 came on sale today!!!. Help improve our Nekota yonezou by adding a voice acting role here. Help Sarah knappik nackt our database by adding a staff position here. Hidoku Shinaide Neota - Onsen Flag Kaishuu!.

Koibito Kijunchi dj - U Know Otona Keikenchi dj - Boku wa Sunao ja Nai. Triple Complex!!. Nekota yonezou Mayuka May 5, PM thank u Report. Thebigofan Oct 13, Nekota yonezou Her art would look so good in anime form.


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Let's go on with a somewhat non-conventional story. Alternative: Hidoku Shinaide - Akira's Story. Their universes are on opposite sides, and problems arise when Maya, on a whim, threatens Nemugasa after forcing him to masturbate in front of him. Genres: Yaoi , Comedy , School life.

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With Tsuyogari, Yonezou Nekota proved once again to be very skilled. For as sad as it is, though, it's totally worth reading as she never fails and pleases just everyone! Let's end this ranking with our beloved high school delusional boys, Shunpei Yamana and Fumihiro Motoki!

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