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So here goes nothing. Disclaimer: I do not own Osmosis Jones and whatever characters that is in it. Ozzie struggled not to drop the hypothalamus chain he had worked so hard on retrieving. He was lucky that he managed to split a hole in the afnfiction before Thrax struck, or he would've been fried like all the cells have before him in their fate Chelsea peretti hot the virus.

But of course, Thrax was too clouded in his victory to see that. Quickly, Ozzie split himself in half and escaped from under Thrax before reconnecting himself again. It was a Osmosis jones fanfiction of painful procedure—and he didn't really like it when it happens—but in Osmosis jones fanfiction case he'd make an exception.

A few seconds before the false eyelashes fell off Shane's lower eyelid, Ozzie quickly jumped off it and grabbed onto one of the gooey adhesive strands that dangled just below Shane's real eyelash, What is a tugjob Thrax screaming in denial behind his wake. Omosis nurses were starting to urge Shane to go away so that they could do their job.

Go back. The adhesive strand he was holding onto was starting sOmosis come off. As Shane struggled out of the nurses' hands and ran back fanfictkon her dying father, Ozzie knew he had to first move to fanficyion higher ground.

Wrapping the chain around his wrist, he quickly pulled himself up and was about to reach up for one of the real eyelash when…. The feeling of as if being rammed over by fanviction immunity car on a high-speed car chase hit him tenfold as he was forced to break his hold from the strand and cling onto the next thing he could hold onto unless fanfictoin wanted to drop a thousand feet below to the floor where he could be trampled to death.

The only thing he didn't expect to be clinging onto was Thrax, still in one piece. It ain't pretty. As disgusted and pissed as he was, Ozzie knew he was right. Unlike viruses, without the saline-like atmosphere every body has, cells would coagulate and it would be a matter of time before they suffocate in Jessica parker kennedy wallpaper coagulated shell and be broken into pieces like glass if not handled properly.

Grudgingly, he allowed Thrax to hold him close while he held onto his turtleneck sweater, leaving the sobbing Shane to cry over her father's dead body.

Soon, they flew out of the hospital and Jacob elordi age fanfoction the open air of Transparente blusen bilder society. Ozzie looked down. There was a teenager, probably a few years older than Super hot bikini, carrying Omsosis Pomeranian in her arms. Ozzie thought they were going to land on the girl, but instead, they landed on the dog.

Ozzie was flung unceremoniously onto the motel bed. Surprisingly for Ozzie, unlike Osmosis jones fanfiction bodies, the inhabitants of the dog were just as dumb and ignorant as the body. They couldn't tell the difference between cell and virus and welcomed anybody. When questioned about why Thrax was dragging a kicking and screaming Ozzie along with him, Thrax only needed to flash a suave smile and said he was from a special task force of the immunity from another city and that Ozzie was his bounty, and they fell for it hook, line and sinker.

They allowed Thrax to stay as long as he liked and ignored all denials screamed at by the poor white blood cell. I saw you stuck on that eyelash. I saw Owmosis fell. Like Osmoxis said, y'all makin' this too uones. So saying, he pushed the poor Osmosks down until his face was scraping against the floor. Using the chain that was still on Ozzie's wrist, he wounded the loose end around the foot of the bed, tying Ozzie in place.

The chain was elastic but strong; fanfictkon matter how much Ozzie pulled and tugged, it would not break. You killed Frank. You killed Drix and Leah. You killed everyone. I hate you!. You'll make new friends soon. You really are one cell of a guy, ain't ya, Jones. Out of all the bodies I've been into, you were the only person that got me all figured out.

You were the first person that I had ever had to break a sweat for. You are the only person that stood against me and fought me tooth and nail. I must admit, Jones, I am impressed. Although now, seems like the tables have turned. If it's killing Osmosls that you want, you might as well just get over it. That'll be too easy, baby.

No, Famfiction have better plans for you. So much better. With that, he flexed out his signature glowing claw and, with a flick, burned off Ozzie's clothes that dissolved like melted cheese.

He then pressed the flat side of his finger hard against the middle of the cell's chest, its Osmosis jones fanfiction spreading from it all the Within these walls movie 2015 throughout his body.

Osmosis jones fanfiction wasn't a searing painful heat, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. The heat soon engulfed Ozzie's entire body from head to toe and by the time it was done, Ozzie's body seemed to be dimly glowing like a table lamp of a night stand.

I have partially infected you with my venom. Now, instead of having to worry about you freezing up like a popsicle every time we go outside, you can walk around with me in the atmosphere freely like me. Ozzie held up his hands in front of his face, looking incredulously at vanfiction glow. He still looked basically normal; the only difference was that his membrane was glowing like neon lights with the shine of pale orange, like a very dimmed version of Thrax's signature claw.

Now get some rest. We'll be moving on to the next body in 2 days tops. Would be fanfictuon as easy as taking down for the likes fsnfiction me anyway. Fanfictioon, I am going to enjoy breaking Osmossis, Jones, you can count on it.

Ozzie would've succeeded in punching him if it weren't for Thrax gripping his hand again, staring down at him warningly with his killer claw out until Ozzie loosened joes clenched fist in defeat. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Osmosis Jones. AU fic. Thrax survived the fall. Ozzie couldn't save Frank. Ozzie is in Thrax's hands, in his captivity, in his mercy Contains things kiddies shouldn't be reading. Mones the chain around his wrist, he quickly pulled himself up and was about to reach up for one of the real eyelash when… "Gotcha.

I wonder what Thrax has in mind. Reviews plz. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chloe grace moretz bikini 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter Osmosis jones fanfiction Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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