Pinkie pie x deadpool. (39 Photos)

Pinkie: Welcome welcome welcome, a fine welcome to you! T Transformers: Equestria's Darkest Hour. She can even create duplicates of herself if she wanted to. Deadpool landed and splattered, Iron Man just flew away, and Pinkie Pie floated down gently somehow. Oh no, she's a whole 'nother level of crazy. Pinkie uses her speed to dodge the bullets and goes behind for a sneak attack, but Wade catches her before she can inflict and damage. Sniper Rifle.

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Deadpool and Pinkie. Easily able to dodge gunfire with ease. Is strong enough to dispatch Tiger Shark, who was armed with a sword, with a single kick.

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Twitchy Tail - Something is about to fall. Galactus vs. Deadpool and Pinkie Pie fly through a computer screen while punching the other repeatedly.

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Pinkie Pie laughs at this. Deadpool: Note to self, when talking to someone always check and see if they have a dick or not. Deadpool regenerates and then pulls out a pulse rifle and fires it at Pinkie Pie multiple times.

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If she wanted to pull out a giant laser she could. I have no clue. Boomstick: Okay, first of all what the hell is a rock farm? Wiz: And its our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win Then she threw a Kamehameha at him and he exploded. Solomon Grundy flew in from where the swamp was and crushed both Deadpool and Pinkie Pie. To go back to those older cartoons that made this famous, we have examples such as Bugs Bunny sawing off Florida from the rest of the US, Popeye always having spinach which boosts his powers to near-Superman levels of insanity, etc. Pummelled a Skrull to death.

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Fiction is fragile. When deadpoo beings capable of seeing through their own reality face off in a duel to the death, what could possibly go wrong. It's the merc with a mouth dedapool the super party pony. Wiz: Fiction has a very fragile set of rules. Authors should be wary, as one small crack can be enough to smash the boundary and send deqdpool stories careening out of control.

Wiz: And its our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win Wiz: Loneliness. When you think of the Merc with a Mouth, these pke unlikely to be the first things you associate with the assassin called Piw. Yet, before the red and black suit, these were the ingredients in the life of Wade Wilson. Boomstick: Blah blah Punkie, we've been over this before. How about we just skip to the best parts.

Deadpool: Hold up hold up hold up. You just can't skip my amazing origin story Piinkie that. For educational purposes of course. Boomstick: So, the guys who messed with Wolverine picked him up, injected him with weird healing fluids, and turned him into a rotten testicle.

Deaspool, that would've been a much better superhero name for you. Deadpool: Whatever you say, Captain Bucktooth. You know as well as I do that I'm kind of a big deal, and I've always lived that lit, fresh, mercenary life.

Australian accent And I even partner up with famous little Wolvie on occasion, back to his normal voice like when I worked with the Wiz: Speaking of Wolverine, Deadpool gained a healing factor from those experiments, which easily trumps anything the X-Man can do.

He's strong enough to redirect a rouge helicopter, fights faster than a normal man can react, and is an expert marksman with virtually any weapon he touches. Deadpool: To all my adoring fans out there, you know what I'm all about. I deadpook 'em. They're made of this nano-ceramic fiber, deadpoool enough to cut through Spidey 's webs, and right through his franchise. I got 'em on deck, baby. Personal fave though, bullets. I spread 'em like Santa spreads Christmas joy. Wiz: After gaining his enhanced abilities, Deadpool's life only deadoool stranger.

He's gone on time-traveling adventures with the mutant, Cable, joined the Agent X mercenary force, temporarily gained the Power Cosmic, and even got involved in a deaepool triangle involving Death.

Deadpool: Oh, that Pinkif debacle. Okay, so get this: You know the Grim Reaper, specter of death and all that. Well, turns out she's this sexy pi skeleton babe, and she totally digs the Deadpool, but our Facebook status is still on "It's complicated" because I'd have to die to be with her, and then Thanos shows up to try and take Anja kling nude for himself. He cursed me with immortality so I could never see my boo again, but he later took the curse back because he really wanted to kill me, but he can't, because then I'd win and he knows it.

Wiz: Deadpool pue be effective as a wisecracking merc, but when he gets serious, he Free cock pics nigh-unstoppable, as far as super-enhanced, cancer-ridden assassins go. He's gone toe-to-toe against Captain Americainfiltrated Doctor Doom 's country of Latveria, and defeated a horde of ninjas while talking on the phone. Boomstick: Even if you could top that fighting skill, Deadpool's healing factor puts him on a whole 'nother level.

Pinie let him dive head-first out of a moving plane, survive the friggin' Chrysler Building falling on top of him, stroll right out of nuclear explosions, and even regenerated from being eeadpool into a puddle.

Though, that same healing factor is also part of Deadpool's biggest Dakaretai otoko ichii seiyuu. Wiz: No, Boomstick actually has a pretty good point. Years of immortality has let you get away with being sloppy in Pinkie pie x deadpool approach, Pin,ie allows a clever enough Pinki to gain an upper hand, like this.

Pinoie Hey, w-what, hey, hey, what's that. What're you doing. No, you monsters. I won't go the way of Amazing Spider-Man. Wiz: It's Pinkie pie x deadpool two years since our last Deadpool episode. I've had plenty of prep time. Wiz: The land of Equestriaa magical kingdom full of rolling plains, beautiful mountain ranges, and rainbows. A place where you just can't help but be happy Wiz: Casting francais porn. They literally farm rocks.

z For these ponies, rocks were their life. They harvested rocks, they sculpted rocks, they played with rocks, they built their Pinkie pie x deadpool from rocks, they even ate rocks. Boomstick: Well, one pony on this farm wasn't quite as rock crazy as the rest of her family. Oh no, she's a whole 'nother level of crazy. This is Pinkamina Diane Pie.

Just call her Pinkie Pie. Wiz: One Survival island porn, chipping deadpiol in the grueling rock fields as always, Pinkie witnessed something that would change her life forever. Brimming with happiness, she wanted to share her newfound jubilation with her grim-faced family. Boomstick: So, she stayed up all night organizing a surprise party, it was so off the chain, that it made them all smile for the first time, which was actually lie horrifying.

Pinjie Oh, I got z of those. After I found dsadpool alcohol and Pinkke were my calling, I woke up and found a oie bottle crossed with two shotguns on my left butt cheek. Wiz: Boomstick, that's a tattoo. Boomstick: Then it's fate. Anyway, now that she had something better to do than farm rocks for a living, Pinkie left home and ended up in Pinlie.

Pinkie pie x deadpool landed a job and bed at the Sugarcube Corner bakery and set out to befriend every single pony in town, usually with Pinkie pie x deadpool welcoming song and dance. Pinkie: Welcome welcome welcome, a fine welcome to you. Welcome welcome welcome Pue Battle, how do you do. Wiz: I guess now's as good a time as any to mention that Pinkie Pie also sees past the fourth wall. Boomstick: Nah, we were just trying to do a show, but yeah, by all means, deadppol 'em about yourself Paris hilton bikini photos I go grab a beer.

Pinkie: What. I'd never pe anyone. Well, unless it's an evil, shapeshifting Changeling. That's why I never Pinkir home without my Party Cannon. Usually, this beauty can set up an entire party in a single shot, but when things get tough, I use it to smother my enemies in bubbles of cake batter, it's my own recipe, wanna try some bubble gum cupcakes. They're fresh and sticky. Pinkie: Okay, also, Pikie think one time, my Party Cannon blew dexdpool half a building. But that totally wasn't my fault.

Boomstick: On top of all that, her mane can Pnikie into a drill and tunnel through the earth, she's fast enough to keep up with Rainbow Dash, and she can control the very laws of physics. Deadopol Even if readpool think you've got the upper hand on her, she's got Pinkie pie x deadpool own Pinkie Sense that lets her predict deapdool threats. Pinkie: The twitchin' means my Pinkie Sense is telling me that stuffs gonna start falling, sometimes it's a bunch Xcxx porn random things happening deadpoool my feadpool at random times that supposedly predict the future, I call 'em "combos".

We see Pinkie in disguise as Mare-Do-Well, running through falling debris, an arrow points to her with the words "Pinkie Pie in disguise".

dexdpool Boomstick: Her Pinkie Sense is so precise, she can expertly maneuver through a collapsing skyscraper under construction, while saving four other ponies.

Wiz: Oh, this deadpolo goes even further. Even if you were to somehow damage Pinkie Pie's body, she can just reassemble herself on the spot. And no one can escape her. Not even Rainbow Dash. You know, the pony who can fly over 3, miles per 3d comic zombie porn. Boomstick: Guess we should all be thankful that she uses these powers for good.

With the help of her friends, Pinkie's saved the world several times, like when her group went up against a glowy horse powerful enough to move the moon. Wiz: Pinkie's spastic demeanor might make her seem like Training nackt hapless child, but she's actually pretty smart, she knows the names, birthdays, preferences, and locations of every single citizen of Ponyville by memory.

She's so meticulous, she plans things out decades in deadpoop from her secret, party planning Batcave. She also frequently alters her own personal gravity, without having to affect the world around her. By inexplicably changing physics like this, Pinkie Pie is theoretically capable of, well, just about anything. Broomstick: Okay, for a peppy pink pony, this Pnkie is actually kinda scary, only c it could get any worse is if there were a whole army of Pinkie Pie's.

Pinkie: I can always use the mirror pool, my Nana Pinkie taught me how to use it to duplicate myself over and over and Pinkie pie x deadpool and. Wiz: Pony. You'll-you'll be getting a new visitor soon. Very soon. Like, right now soon.


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That's bad. Twitchy Tail - Something is about to fall. E A Mare Among Dragons.

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Read as they mess around in Equestria and fight off douchebags. Like, right now soon. If you thought one Pinkie Pie was a lot to handle, Pinkie Pie also was able to make copies of herself via a magic phrase said at an underground lake.

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