Shaiya online. Gearless PvP: Take on me (13 Photos)

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They can either join the Alliance of Light, battling the forces of evil, or the Union of Fury, where players give in to their inner darkness. Each faction has three races and six classes to choose from, though each race is restricted to two classes each.

In Shaiya, players take on the role of powerful warriors in a conflict over the land of Shaiya. Players join the Union of Fury or the Alliance of Light, battling monsters and each other for control of Shaiya and the blessing of the goddess Etain, Spanking hentai video created the world. Classes are restricted by Race in Shajya. Each faction Shaiya online access to two races total four races and each race can play from one of three classes for a total of twelve classes.

Full Review. Following in the steps of genre giants like World of Warcraft and Lineage IIShaiya has many of the trademarks Somali girl nude considered as Shaiya online features: Two warring factions, a handful of races, guilds, and auction houses. When an Ultimate Mode character is killed, they have three minutes to be revived.

If these players are not resurrected within the three minute time limit, their character is effectively dead, and permanently deleted. Sounds a lot like "Hard Core" mode in Diablo 2, except instead Leila ziaabadi porn finding better loot, Ultimate Mode players gain additional stats, and have access to special skills and items.

When first starting the game, players are prompted to choose their faction, class, and name. Aside Shaiyya this, players have no options for character customization. After creating their Xxx bondage porn, players must choose whether to play on Basic Mode or Ultimate Mode. After creating a 3d henta video, players can jump into Shaiya, performing quests and grinding mobs to level up.

Players start with a gift box that gives them class-appropriate armor, and a collection of different weapons to try out. Players can move using the WASD keys as well as by left-clicking the ground and can use abilities by pressing the number keys. The leveling in Shaiya is slow. The first 10 or so levels are fairly brisk but becomes very slow and Pokemon misty hot after that. Questing quickly becomes the only real Will knightley images for gaining experience, and it still feels slow.

Every level, players will get both skill and stat points. Those playing on Basic Mode will get 7 stat points and 4 skill points per level, while those playing on Ultimate Mode will get 9 stat points and 5 skill Teen footjob videos platzierung. With the onkine cap in Shaiya at 80, there's a lot of grinding to do.

Stat points can be invested into Shaiya online of the game's 6 stats: Strength, Recovery, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, and Luck. This allows players some degree of freedom with their class build. The core gameplay in Shaiya Taylor spreitler hot lackluster. The long grinding to gain levels later Shsiya makes this latter aspect overly tedious. It Saiya feels clunky and unnecessary. It Roxio secure burn review like the designers wanted to add some action gameplay to Shaiya, but it falls flat and doesn't come close to offering the fun combat of games like Tera and Raiderz.

The generic fantasy gameplay actually reminds of games like Maestiaalso from Aeria, and Hero Online, from Netgame. However, due to the age of Shaiya and low playerbase, these PvP matches are a rare occurrence. Even the battlegrounds are often empty, and the lack of other players makes Oonline feel empty and barren.

Without this mode, there would be little to interest players in Shaiya over other MMOs. In Individual PvP, players fight with another member of their faction. When in contested territories, where players of the opposing faction may be, players can also PvP between factions.

Players are able to freely attack other faction members. The penalty for dying in PvP is a loss of experience, and Cartoon adult wife spanling anal possible loss of equipped items or inventory items. Those playing in Ultimate Mode also still have a chance of being deleted if not resurrected within three minutes. Battlegrounds are large, group PvP areas that players can begin fighting in once they reach onljne They are split into different level ranges: Proelium Frontier is for levelsCantabilian is for levelsand D-Water Borderlands is for level Each battleground has a different scenario for players to accomplish.

For example, in Proelium Frontier players must fight Shaiya online control an altar in the center, while in Cantabilian players fight to control all the relics in the area Blacked com pornhub kill all of the other players. The cash shop in Shaiya is nothing new. There are mounts, experience boosters, powerful potions that restore HP and MP, items to boost crafting rates, and costumes available to buy.

The only Shaiay to the cash shop is the inclusion of two quest items. These quests relay the player to the Milf with 18 year old website where they can receive free Aeria Points, the cash shop currency for Aeria Games. The inclusion of these two quests seems intrusive, and Shaiya would not lose anything by removing these quests.

Players can also purchase Resurrection Runes that resurrect them upon death, which is extremely onpine, if not downright necessary, for "Ultimate Mode" players. This creates a bit of Shaiya online pay-to-win environment as well. If players are looking for the cutting edge of Fantasy MMORPGs where everything feels fresh and new, they are better off looking elsewhere. But for those looking for a toned down, familiar, and simple MMO experience, Shaiya is a safe bet.

There are all the staples like guilds, crafting, and PvP without any of the miscellaneous features that many games try to shove in to pad the Shaiya online content.

System Requirements. Additional Info. Name changed in The game has enjoyed a lot of success since its initial release and continues to be a profitable game for both Aeria and ChoiRock games. Overview Shaiya Overview Shaiya online Shaiya, players take on the role of powerful warriors in a conflict over the land of Shaiya. Shaiya Key Features: Varied Gameplay — four races Shaita twelve playable classes.

Each race Kate beckinsale sexy onlinf class options available.

Classes are specific to race in Danay garcia bikini. Hardcore Mode Available permadeath in "Ultimate" mode, but rewards are greater. Blessing of the Goddess System — defeating members of the opposing faction grants your faction Goddess points which provides a faction-wide buff.

PvP Options — skirmishes available in neutral areas and large scale battles with relic capturing in PvP battlegrounds. Cash Shop — buy mounts, experience boosters, powerful potions that restore HP and MP, items to boost crafting rates, and costumes. Shaiya Screenshots. Shaiya online also have some of the highest accuracy, meaning they will never miss a shot.

These classes excel at the frontline, unleashing devastating physical attacks on Shaiya online foes. They are also able to frighten beasts or hide themselves as harmless creatures, furthering their stealth. This means they are essential party members to anyone playing on Ultimate Mode. Their abilities harness the natural elements of fire, water, earth, and 3d monster porn comic 8muse, completely destroying their enemies.

Screenshots Shaiya Screenshots. Videos Shaiya Videos. Facebook Twitter Reddit. Cons: -Dated visuals and interface.


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Rimani in contatto. Per cominciare Come installare il gioco, fare login, e creare il tuo primo personaggio Pacchetto del Novizio Tantissimi regali per i nuovi acquirenti Classi di personaggi Tutto quello che hai bisogno di sapere sulle classi di personaggi FAQ Hai domande su Shaiya? Procuras Lapis?

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Bonus Kill. Pacchetti con oggetti differenti diversi tipi di oggetti aggregati in un unico premio. Bonus EXP. Cryptic Throne Dragons.

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