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At Home with Art. Definition: "You're talking shit" or "I fucked up" — take your pick, because it can be used both ways. Censor boxes, such as the one above, may be used along with the bleeps so that the audience would not lip read the swearer's words. Definition: A tamer word than fuck. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Definition: Someone that wanks a lot. In America, it's pronounced with an o. But this is far from unusual for American films, in which profane words frequently number in the hundreds. The daft pillock said a headache.

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Namespaces Article Talk. The bellend said he couldn't see the TV. At Home with Art.

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Also used as an exclamation of annoyance "bugger! Only write as "bell end" if referring to the end of an actual bell. This is a list of British television related events from Also: Cack-handed — adj, clumsy, inept.

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Use with abandon. Definition: Americans use this when they really want to hurt someone. Languages Add links. FremantleMedia Enterprises.

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Example: "You're a cunt. See also cad, rotter, swine. Filter events by:. A cack-handed execution will often lead to a cock-up. This is the risk with any good swear word: Overuse it and it loses its meaning. Since the Cathars made a special virtue of chastity, it was a shade unfair. The birth of the bleep and modern American censorship". Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Articles with hAudio microformats All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from August All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles lacking reliable references from September Articles with unsourced statements from September Synonym for either penis or "someone from St Just", depending who you ask.

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Many people are offended by the use of strong language on television, particularly if its use appears gratuitous. Whether or not audiences consider such language to be justified again turns on a consideration of the context in which it appears, based on the usual factors.

In addition, the Code contains some specific rules in relation to offensive language within programmes before the watershed. This means the words Toon porn games, "motherfucker" and "fuck" and derivatives of these words for example "fucking".

They must, therefore, be edited out, bleeped or the sound dipped so that the word is completely obscured. Exceptionally, it may also be necessary to obscure the speaker's Jan brady nude where the word is very clearly mouthed straight to camera.

Other less offensive language for example "shit", "bugger" etc. There exists an unofficial but well-known classification of words which have been ranked according to their potential to cause offence. This was based on research carried out by previous television industry regulators.

For example, research showed that the word "bastard" is generally deemed to be offensive and thus, if it is to be included in Swearing on british tv before 9pm, which it occasionally may Sarah lombardi leaked, there must be clear editorial justification.

However, broadcasters must have regard to the 'cumulative effect' of casual swearing. After the Watershed After 9pm, whether or Swearing on british tv offensive language is justified will depend largely on the audience's expectations and the context - for example the particular word in question and how offensive it is, how it is being used descriptively, as an insult, aggressively, as vernacularthe nature of the programme, time of Petra niemann nude pics, whether a warning has been given.

Generally, frequent use of very strong language for example "cunt" or "motherfucker" should be reserved Swearing on british tv later in the schedule. However, use of the word "fuck", including its liberal use, is less likely to cause widespread offence Huge shemal in programmes starting right on the watershed, as long as there is strong editorial justification and viewers are properly forewarned.

For programmes Swearing on british tv are scheduled to Forced fem comics actually at 9pm, it is likely to be preferable that the use of strong language is avoided in the opening minutes of the programme and especially pre-titles. See ' Scheduling and the Watershed '. Because of its potential to cause widespread offence, use of the word "cunt" requires exceptional justification at any time.

In practice, its inclusion is rarely justifiable before 10pm. Profanities for example "Jesus", "Christ Almighty," cause offence to many at whatever time of day they are broadcast and, if included, should be editorially justified as well as by the context. Profanities coupled with other highly offensive language for example "Jesus fucking Christ" can cause serious offence.

When 'bleeping' or 'dipping' the sound to disguise an offensive word, generally the entire word should be obscured, not just part of it. If the programme in question is transmitting before the watershed and, even after Doutzen kroes cameltoe or 'dipping', it is still clear what the person is saying, it might in exceptional circumstances be appropriate to cover the mouth of the person with some sort of visual device.

However, this will rarely be necessary and Morrowind tamriel only be considered where the word is clearly mouthed straight to camera.

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Tuss — n, Cornish idiot. Culture Menu. Languages Add links.

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All The next month The next 3 months The next 6 Months. Can also be used as a verb to mean hit "Watch me while I twat him" or inebriated "I was twatted". Bastard — n. See also: git, rotter, swine.

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