An Outlaw Culture Survives. In the same year, Ferdinand VII, with French help and the approval of the Quintuple Alliance , managed to abolish constitutional rule in Spain yet again and re-establish absolutism. On 19 April, Congress passed joint resolutions by a vote of to 6 in the House and 42 to 35 in the Senate supporting Cuban independence and disclaiming any intention to annex Cuba, demanding Spanish withdrawal, and authorizing the president to use as much military force as he thought necessary to help Cuban patriots gain independence from Spain.

Planters needed safe and efficient ways to transport the sugar from the plantations to the ports, in order to maximize their returns. Crime Magazine. Although corruption was rife under Batista, Cuba did flourish economically during his regime.

Pearl Harbor and Hitler's invasion of Russia were, of course, vital, but had Britain faltered in the early going and concluded a peace with Hitler, there would have been no place from which to launch an invasion of the Continent. Retrieved 4 April