Your success is our success. But the Japanese have extreme difficulty in seeing things objectively when Japan is involved. With big Japanese cities having extemely high population densities, personal space is scarce, and with little space in front of you many Japanese retreat to the only space they can; inside their heads.

While that certainly could be called discrimination and feeling some irritation is understandable, if that is the worst treatment you get then consider yourself lucky, as far as being a minority in a foreign country goes. This attitude is still in the A-bomb Museums in Nagasaki and Hiroshima -- never a word about the war or its causes; only one day the Japanese went out to work as usual and this big bad bomb was dropped on them. However, for small companies and the like, the manager may exercise total control.

You will find the Japanese do an enormous amount of complaining about things they can't change e. Look at a former mayor of Nagasaki, Hitoshi Motoshima -- he made a statement that Japanese should discuss Hirohito's role and possible amount of guilt, and a right-wing kook promptly shot him. Bonin, John A.