A leading American manufacturer of safety gear is named, appropriately, Backcountry Access. According to a recent study, the survival rate for individuals completely buried in an avalanche falls to about 40 percent after 15 minutes of burial and to 25 percent after 30 minutes. Please try another search.

Dropping into Spring Days April 17, And it is where he wanted to take the tangled assortment of high-caliber skiers and industry insiders who, as if carried by the latest storm, had blown into Stevens Pass that weekend. Current Weather.

It was still clogged with rocks and trees that had not been fully scoured away. It had been cleared of avalanches by the ski patrol at dawn, but the two still triggered several slough slides — small, shallow avalanches that washed at their feet and petered out before snagging victims. Tunnel Creek was where he took special guests.